Hi, I'm Lottie Elizabeth!

The Day My Life Changed

So, what’s my story and how did I become a wedding photographer?

Well, this is me in 2015, sat on a camel shooting a wedding (for the wonderful 2peoplelife.com) in Petra, Jordan, completely in my element and blissfully unaware that my photo was being taken. To me, this is the moment (or rather the weekend) when my love for photography became my life.

I was previously a litigation lawyer and after years of studying and training I genuinely thought that’s what I wanted to do forever. That is, until I bought myself a ‘proper’ camera. From that moment on, my life changed (in the best possible way)! I immersed myself into everything photography, taking lots of pictures, reading articles, learning how to edit, attending workshops and getting lost in a world of light and shadows. I was soon shooting weddings across the UK and abroad and have not looked back!

I live in Chester, Cheshire and when I’m not shooting weddings (or editing) I practice yoga, cook (I’m vegetarian – I love anything spicy, home grown veg and lots of ice cream!), spend time with my wonderful friends and family (especially my crazy, spirited niece and nephew).

My Travels

I also LOVE to travel and disappear off over winter to follow the sun around the world. Discovering new places and learning about new cultures recharges the batteries after a busy summer season shooting weddings and fills me with so much creativity I am fit to burst!

If you’d like to have a little nosy at my travels, head over to my travel blog or follow me on Instagram

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My Style

I now ‘work’ full time (minus the months spent travelling!) as a wedding and family photographer and could not be happier. I say ‘work’ because being a photographer doesn’t feel like work to me. Alan Watts had it right when he said this:

“This is the real secret of life – to be completely engaged with what you are doing in the here and now. And instead of calling it work, realize it is play”

I want to tell the story of your day; the funny bits, the happy moments, the cringe bits from the best man’s speech and your Auntie June dancing to some 90’s hip-hop. Yes, we can absolutely take some photographs of you all scrubbed up and looking your best with big beaming smiles but my aim is to blend in, be a part of your wedding and someone who you would consider to be a friend many years after your wedding. I want you to trust me wholeheartedly and know that I will work my ass off throughout your wedding to tell your story and create images that you, and many future generations of your family will enjoy.

My style of photography is honest and true. I capture what I see with the odd little tweak to add some creative flare. If the dance floor is bouncing I’ll probably be right in the middle of it throwing some dodgy shapes with my camera and flat at the ready!

I love it when my couples keep me updated with their wedding plans, send pictures of their invites and share their excitement. It really is infectious. When it comes to your wedding day I want to know what makes you tick and what is important to you!

If you are reading this smiling, nodding and wanting to find out more then please get in touch, I’d love to hear from you.