Lottie Elizabeth TravelsThe ultimate yoga retreat in Ibiza with Gabriela Byrne and Carrianne Hayden

Last week I hopped over to Ibiza for a bit of self indulgence on a yoga retreat. Now sat back at home, I’m trying to put the week long experience into words and have realised that there is just one word which perfectly sums up how I’m feeling….

Euphoria – 

feeling of great happiness or well-being.


The more I practice yoga, the more I fall in love with the way in impacts upon so many different aspects of my life. A retreat seemed like the perfect way to really develop my practice and zone out from the busy world around me!

The retreat

My experience

Over the years I have been on so many incredible adventures across the world (with many more to come and a dedicated travel blog coming soon – watch this space!) but this week in Ibiza will be a week I’ll never forgot. I feel incredibly humbled and privileged to have spend a week with so many beautiful souls. Each of us has been on our own journey, expertly guided and supported along the way.

Anybody reading this who knows me personally, will understand that the last 18 months have been a bit of a rollercoaster of emotions. Whilst I thought that mediation and practice might release deep emotion in a negative way – I found myself feeling peaceful and energised. Focused and ready for the journey ahead. It was the best feeling ever!

In the space of just 7 days, I really feel that I have developed my own yoga practice and have already began to meditate at home most mornings, something which I hope maintain.

Whilst I am undoubtedly a massive foodie and mainly eat a plant based diet, I have come away from the week with a head full of new recipes and ingredients to try! The food was absolutely delicious!

To Gabby, Carrianne, Ashleigh and all the wonderful yogis, thank you! You are a truly wonderful bunch of people who all brought so much love, laughter and compassion. Namaste!

Here’s a few pictures (I would have taken more but I was too busy being totally chilled out in the sun most days!) from the week, a mixture of yoga, food and a day trip to Ibiza town….



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